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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now Everyone Can Be Fashionistas!

Hello Ladies!! This collection I got here is some fashionable handbag. The design can be very similar with any designer handbag, but this is NOT designer handbag. It's just a fashion hadndbag. Trust me, it's worth buying! And for this collection, it might take a long time for delivery unless if the bag is already in stock/in hand. It will take within 4 weeks-8 weeks , but I tell you it's WORTH WAITING darlings! ;) But if it's already in hand, it will only take 3-4 days. And as usual delivery is RM7-RM10 per item.

Happy Browsing + Shopping Ladies!

Oh I'm So Innocent
Price : RM 86
Color : Baby Blue, Dark Blue
Code : HH 14

Take Me Anywhere U Want
Price : RM 85
Color : Light Pink, White
Code : HH 13

Look At Me Not The Handbag
Price : RM 66
Color : Brown, Dark Brown
Code : HH 12

Hand Held Handbag
Price : RM 82
Color : Black
Code : HH 11

Cutie-Pie Sling Bag
Price : RM 70
Color : Light Pink, Grey, Yellow
Code : HH 10

I Rather Wear This Handbag Than Wear Fur
Price : RM 65
Color : Coffee, Dark Coffee
Code : HH 09

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